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Drastically improve your viewer experience

If people can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll bounce right out of your video.

With VideoScout, employees can search for specific spoken words or topics and play straight from there. It’s like taking the ‘skip to chapter’ to the next level and keeps people watching your videos for longer.

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You’ll be able to see exactly who’s viewed your content, how long they watched for and what they’ve searched in our user reports.

Use this insight to shape future content ideas around topics you know will be popular with employees and help pin-point any gaps in your current internal comms.

Interactive onboarding + training

Host all your welcome, onboarding and training videos in our secure, searchable video library. With VideoScout you’re able to:

Group videos by tags such as job title or division so employees can find the most relevant videos quicker than ever before.

Reduce viewer friction and bounce rates by making your videos much easier to navigate with our search feature.

Use viewer and search reports to see which employees have watched specific videos and what they’ve been searching for.

Shape future onboarding and training plans around these findings to make sure you’re supplying employees with the best training.

Internal comms events + company updates

Keep all your internal events and company updates available to watch on-demand to get way more out of the content:

Allow employees to re-watch internal events and updates any time they like.

Employees can search for spoken words or tags to find the topics and updates they’re most interested in.

Get more views across your other events and updates with our intuitive search recommendations.

Use viewer and search reports to help you pin-point any knowledge gaps in your internal comms updates.

Detailed employee user reports

Our detailed viewer reports will give you so much more insight into how your employees are engaging with your internal comms:

See who exactly has been watching specific videos and how long for (you’ll even see where they’re dropping out).

View geolocation reports for teams in multiple locations so you can see which divisions are actively engaging with your comms.

Download lists of employees that haven’t watched your videos so you can send them reminders.

Use all this insight to understand employee trends and knowledge gaps across teams and locations.

Streamlined content repurposing

It’s never been easier to repurpose your video content into other formats. With VideoScout you can:

Download the automated caption files into transcripts for ready-made written versions of your videos.

Turn these transcripts into training articles or internal email campaigns to accompany your videos.

Use the video search yourself to pin-point sections you can repurpose as culture-based social media marketing posts.

“ It’s been amazing hosting our event content with searchable video to help people find sessions. So many people have accessed our conference since it finished. ”

– Jules, Chief Executive

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