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Drastically improve your viewer experience

If people can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll bounce right out of your event session.

With VideoScout, users can search for specific spoken words or topics and play straight from there. It’s like taking the ‘skip to chapter’ to the next level and keeps people watching your event videos for longer.

Create content that’s
guaranteed to succeed

You’ll be able to see exactly who’s viewed your event and what they’ve searched for in our user reports.

Use this insight to create content based on topics you can see are popular, not just based on guesswork, fickle trends, or what other competitors are doing.

Evergreen event sessions

On-demand events have risen in popularity over the years. With VideoScout you’re able to:

House all your event sessions on-demand to increase the number of attendees and engagement you get.

Allow attendees to search for spoken words, topics or tags to find the sessions they’re most interested in quicker than ever before.

Reduce viewer friction and bounce rates by making your event sessions much easier to navigate.

Get more views across your other sessions with our intuitive search recommendations.

Use attendee insights to shape your events

Our insight-rich reports will provide you with all the data you need to set your next event up for success:

See who’s actively watching your event sessions, for how long to and where they are to pin-point your most engaged attendees.

Use search reports to understand which event topics are most popular with your audience, or where you have any gaps.

Shape future event plans around these findings to create sessions you know will be a success.

Easily repurpose your event content

It’s never been easier to repurpose your event content into other formats. With VideoScout you can:

Download the automated caption files into full session transcripts.

Turn these transcripts into written content such as blog posts, caes studies, press releases and long-form social media posts.

Use the video search yourself to locate specific sections of your sessions and use these as social media clips to promote your event.

“ It’s been amazing hosting our event content with searchable video to help people find sessions. So many people have accessed our conference since it finished. ”

– Jules, Chief Executive

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