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Speech recognition

Every single word on your videos is indexed and searchable with our intuitive ASR.

Searchable content

All on-screen content such as video titles and descriptions will be picked up in searches.

Custom tags

Add custom tags to your videos so users can use these to filter or search for results.


Our intelligent auto-suggestion feature will display similar or related content.

But that’s not all.

Check out the rest of VideoScout’s features…

Host all your videos in one secure location to easily share content with your audience, customers or team mates. 

Embed videos anywhere or use our branded pages to display your video library.

Let people find exactly what they need in an instant. Our unique video search is so much more powerful than the standard ‘skip to section’ you usually see.

Users can search for mentions of specific keywords or phrases or tags within your entire video library and skip to play from these exact points in your videos.

We even have an auto-suggest feature to encourage viewers to explore even more of your video content.  Perfect for ramping up engagement on your videos. 

Do you really know what your audience is interested in? Our insight-rich reports will arm you with all the data you need to see exactly what people are searching for and which videos are popular.

Use this insight to inform future video plans and make more of what people actually want to see.

Embed the videos wherever you want or house your video library on a page with us. Our pages can be fully branded so they’ll look just like you.

Pages will include our unique search and filters so users can narrow down results. 

You won’t get any annoying adverts or promotional content with us. Everything is completely ad free (even on the free version!) to keep the focus on your brand only. 

Our automated video captions are 98% accurate and created in seconds when you upload your videos.

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